Why Choose Edge?

Image of Frying ranges being made in a factory



Every range comes with Halo Lighting as standard, giving you the perfect view of your frying area and the products within.


Image of Frying ranges being made in a factory



In excess of 92% efficiency,  our high-efficiency pans are designed to reduce gas and have better recovery times, which means you get more product out of the door.

Included as standard on all Edge Ranges

Image of Frying ranges being made in a factory



Unlike many ranges, Edge pans are made from one sheet of metal, ensuring there are no cracks for dust and dirt to get into. 

The pans are welded to the frame for this reason, so you know that your Edge range is built well and made to last.


Image of the filtration system in an Edge frying range



Edge is the first range to be built from the ground up in the 21st century, with the knowledge and experience of over 40 years of filtration experience behind it.

Image of the control panel on an Edge frying range



Each pan comes with five separate temperature settings and timers. These timers can be preset to suit the different types of products that you offer.


Image of a Florigo service van



Our engineers are all Gas Safe and COMCAT qualified with many years of experience supporting fish and chip shop customers. They are backed up by advanced technology and sophisticated processes to make sure that you receive the most reliable service and support available on the market.

Our warranty options are a simple, straightforward way to ensure your range is always performing its best for your business.



We are passionate about the high-quality frying ranges we build, and will always build strong relationships with our customers.

One thing that drives us as a company is seeing customers' businesses booming, and then hearing all about the drastic improvements our frying ranges have made for them.

"With improved recovery times and generally more consistent pan temperatures it is easier to produce a quality product at a higher volume.

The halo lighting.  It is such a simple feature but really changes the experience when frying, bringing the whole range to life."

Ian Callaway

Callaway's Fish & Chips

" I wanted a High-Efficiency range that does what it says on the tinEdge ticked all the boxes and came with Halo Lighting and Built-in Filtration as standard! I also like Florigo’s reputation. So knowing Edge is built and supported by Florigo was good."

Paul Caira

The Central Cafe

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