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About Edge Ranges

Dubbed as “Florigo’s little sister”, Edge Ranges is Florigo’s latest venture. 

With over 40 years of filtration experience, advanced Dutch technology, and over 17 years of service and support experience, you won’t get a better range at this price.

All of our Edge Ranges come with some fantastic features as standard. From Halo lighting, enabling you to see your product and frying area with no problems, to high efficiency pans to help you reduce your bills. 

We’re striving to become the friers choice of affordable ranges in the UK, without compromising quality.

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Wall Range

Edge Wall Range

From £34,395

Counter Range

Edge Counter Range

From £36,275

Island Range

Edge Counter Range

From £46,095

Experienced sales team

Whatever your business goals, no matter how big or small, we will help you achieve them


24/7 service and support

Operating nationwide, with a
95% first fix rate with the Florigo Service team

High-quality equipment

Edge ranges are built in a factory with over 40 years of experience in building Dutch ranges, with exceptional build quality and many unique features as standard


Edge Ranges are supported by our reputable and well-established Service Team. With advanced technology, sophisticated processes, and many years of supporting customers for our sister company, Edge customers can feel at ease knowing they are receiving the most reliable service and support available on the market.

Qualified Engineers

24/7 Support

No Hidden Costs

Advanced Technology

95% First Fix Rate


We are passionate about the high-quality frying ranges we build, and will always build strong relationships with our customers.

One thing that drives us as a company is seeing customers' businesses booming, and then hearing all about the drastic improvements our frying ranges have made for them.

"With improved recovery times and generally more consistent pan temperatures it is easier to produce a quality product at a higher volume.

The halo lighting.  It is such a simple feature but really changes the experience when frying, bringing the whole range to life."

Ian Callaway

Callaway's Fish & Chips

" I wanted a High-Efficiency range that does what it says on the tinEdge ticked all the boxes and came with Halo Lighting and Built-in Filtration as standard! I also like Florigo’s reputation. So knowing Edge is built and supported by Florigo was good."

Paul Caira

The Central Cafe


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