High gas and electric prices have been talked about in the news for a few weeks now. With some of the smaller energy companies going under and prices being jumped up, what does it mean for you and your business?

Wholesale energy prices have risen dramatically this year with gas increasing 400% since March and doubling since August, while electricity has also surged by 40%. With these sharp rises it is expected to put pressure on fish and chip shops looking to renew their energy contracts.

It’s simple, with higher bills it means you either need to take the hit or pass on your costs to your loyal customers – something you probably don’t want to do.

Fry magazine have a great article here where you can find out more about the price increases which are expected to last well into 2023.

Investing in a new range could potentially help reduce your energy bill

We understand not everyone is in the position where they can replace their range, however replacing your range can help reduce your current gas usage by an average of 50% whilst helping improve on efficiency and quality of your final product.

So how can a new range help save you money and help close the gap of increase? New ranges have come along way, and with modern technology now a big part of how they work not all of them are built to a high quality. This can be a minefield for anyone looking to upgrade.

What is the latest range technology?

Having a range with a built-in thermostat that slowly increases the temperature to your set frying temperate safely and automatically will give you chance to prepare the days food yourself, instead of hiring someone to do it for you. Therefore, reducing staff costs whilst giving you the peace of mind that your range is looking after itself and getting ready for the busy day ahead.

If you tie that into high efficiency pans it will continue to help reduce your bills compared to a traditional fryer, and could save you on average around 50% on your energy bills. With faster recovery times means the pan will go back to the set point that you started frying at far quicker. This allows you to dramatically increase productivity and get more food out the door. This means out of an hour period you can get more product through the range, therefore increasing your turnover.

High efficiency fryers also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, saving on frying medium and more importantly gives a health product to your customer. It’s a win win for your pocket, the planet and your customers.

An Edge Range could be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to increasing turnover whilst reducing your bills. It’s also more affordable than you think.

But aren’t you owned by Florigo? I can’t afford that level of range

Many of our customers have said this in one way or another. And in short, yes we are part of Florigo UK, but Edge is different in so many great ways. You get some great Florigo features, the same level of build quality, but at a price which is more affordable. With some great features included as standard and reduced lead times Edge is perfect for the community local fish and chip shops, husband and wife teams and business owners who have a mid range budget.

A Florigo UK customer has seen a 50% reduction in their gas bill with a 25% increase in trade since switching their range. And the great news is an Edge comes with all the technology to help you achieve this kind of growth for your business whilst helping to reduce your bills.

You’ll probably see some fluctuation here and there in energy prices, but there won’t be a massive change and it’s not predicted to drop huge amounts. There are no two ways about it, we are going to have to get used to higher energy prices for an awfully long time.

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